3 Easy steps to hire an Online Tutor at MTS

Step 1

Online Tutoring Request

Submit the Tuition Request

Click “Online Trial (Free!)” link, fill out the form and submit it to MTS. (Your personal information is kept confidential).

Step 2

Meet the Online Tutor

Meet the tutor for FREE

After the submission, you will be contacted by our administrator, who would schedule a FREE “Meet the tutor” call which usually lasts for 25-30 minutes.

Step 3

Enjoy Online tuition

Enjoy your sessions!

Once you meet the tutor and are completely satisfied, you can make the payment and your online tutoring would commence.

MTS online classes have proved to be better than In-Person tutoring

Better than In-Person Tutoring

MTS uses specialized software and hardware (laptops and tablets) for conducting interactive classes which have proved to be better than In-person coaching. Our tutors are always available so students study at their own pace on their preferred timings.

Personalized Sessions

MTS provides personalized sessions. Students get to study exactly what they want to study. This also works well in emergency situations, like when a student is totally unprepared for an upcoming exam/test.

Closely monitored sessions

Each tutoring session is closely monitored by MTS administration; therefore we take full responsibility of what a tutor delivers in a class.

Quality Assurance

Throughout the session, administrators are available for general guidance, feedback and Q/As.

Tutors share productive notes:

Useful notes and relevant presentations are shared by the tutor after every session. This is a MTS protocol and is always taken care of.

Parents can share regular feedback:

Parents/Students can share their feedback directly with MTS management after every session.